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Important things you should know before creating a blog.

Important things you should know before creating a blog.

By Namit Jain co-founder of Technology Beat.

Hello friends welcome to my new article in this article I want to tell you some important things you should know if you are planning to start blogging.

  1. So the first thing is patience you should be patience if you want to do blogging. This is the heart and soul of blogging, the person who want to became a successful blogger must have patience in you. Now I will tell you why I am saying this, I am saying this because if you will start a blog now then it will take some time in many cases it can take 1 month or in some cases it can take a year also to gain traffic and to be able to rank properly. This is the reason that many beginners stop doing blogging. They do not have patience. You should understand that we all have to start with zero and slowly slowly our blog get success.                                                           
  2. Now the second thing is you should be regular that is you should write your articles daily. You should write at least one article per day. I want to recommend you that in order to get success fast you should write 5 articles per day. If you are taking long breaks then your blog will not get progress. 
  3. Now the third thing is you should not use copyright articles in your blog. You should write your own contentful articles with the help of some pictures if needed. You should not copy paste articles and also do not use articles spinner tools. These are not good if you will use these things then I am sure that you will not get success in your blogging career.
  4. The last thing is if you will start your blog from now then it will take some time to be able to give you money. In starting you will hardly make 100 dollars in a month. So if you are thinking that you can feed yourself and your family only by doing blogging then you are wrong. First you should do blogging part time and if you find that you are earning a good amount from your blog then you can switch to full time. But never quit your job in beginning if you start blogging. 
So these are some important points you should know before starting blogging. I have told you about this because many people have these types of questions. If you like this article and want to get more articles like this then kindly please subscribe to my blog, the you will get all notifications of my upcoming articles. If you have any doubts or any type of questions then feel free to ask me in your own blog technology beat.


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