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Free web hosting websites with c panel.

Free Hosting Websites in 2020 (technology beat)

So welcome guys in this article I will tell you best free hosting websites in 2020. So I will tell you all the features of all the different websites. So let's start the article.
  1. Profreehost: It is a very good website it gives you a free subdomain with hosting. It gives you unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, MYSQL database, free control panel, the website builder that can install WordPress, dolphin and all types of popular website builders, the best thing about is it gives you all free with 99.9% uptime, the next best thing is that there are no hidden ads so it is very good to choose. Many people have used this website for hosting.
  2. Infinity free: So this is the second free hosting website it also gives you free hosting with free subdomain, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL on your own domain names, up to 400 MYSQL database, you can install all types of website builders like WordPress, Drupal, etc. (technology beat)
  3. Wix: you can use wix to make a free website but i want to tell you that they will give you only 500 MB disk space , 500 MB bandwidth and you have not all the powers you cannot get into your file manager. If you want to fix all these issues then you can buy their paid hosting packs in it you will get 10 GB disk space with free domain 1 year, unlimited bandwidth and you can calculate the total cost for 1 year it will cost you around only 348 rupees. (technology beat)
  4. Amazon aws: You can use amazon aws you can get from the name that it is of amazon then you can trust on it as well as you will get the premium quality. But i want to tell you that it is free for 1 year you have to pay them only 2 rupees for verification. It gives you 30 GB bandwidth and you can use your own domain name with it. But you have to make all the settings to make it a hosting computer you have to install softfamous and all types of Softwares to make it as a hosting computer. I recommend you that you should use amazon aws because its quality and what they tell they will surely give it to you. (technology beat)
  5. it is another very good free hosting website that gives you free hosting but they will not provide you the subdomain you have to link your own domain name. They gives you 10gb disk space, 1 email account, 1 MYSQL database. (technology beat)
Now i want to tell you all that apart from amazon aws all the websites given in this article may not give you what they tell example i have an website from infinity free they tell that they will give unlimited bandwidth but it is not true they suspend my domain name and they load speed is very slow so i want to tell all of you that use amazon aws it is very good what they tell they will give you. Read this article are free hosting really good to know that free hosting are good or not. If you have any questions then ask me in your own blog technologybeat.


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