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Do You use pop up ads on your website to monetize it | See its main disadvantages.

Using pop up ads disadvantages. So hello friends welcome to this new article in this article I will tell you that do you really need to use pop up ads on your website. So the straight answer is no you should never use pop up ads on your website.  Now I will tell you the reason so the straight forward reason is that if you use pop up ads on your website then when a visitor open's your website then he will automatically redirect to another one's website so this is the main problem. If your website is ranking in Google or other search engines then this will give an adverse effect on it that is your ranking will surely drop because ranking depends on a number of factors these are content, SEO , user-friendly look of your website, backlink and also bounce rate. So when you use pop up ads on your website then your bounce rate increases so before going further I want to tell you that what is bounce rate. So Bounce Rate is defined as the percentage of visitors that leave a

How to become a successful blogger and make money online for free.

How can you become a successful blogger and earn money online without investment? credit goes to Miguel Á. So hello friends welcome to this new article in this article I will tell you how can you become a successful blogger. So, friends, there is a huge competition in this field so to master it is not so easy so you have to write in a way that other people do not write so that your blog writing will become unique than others that is the first step towards blogging.  The second point that I want to tell all of you is that never copy-paste other's people articles in your blog because Google is the boss he knows all that you are doing and how you are doing so you cannot be smarter than it. It can detect and if even you try to rewrite the article he will get it. You should write your own articles and also in a talking way so that people will felt in conversation with your article.  Image by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay  Now the third step is do

The all new Mi Notebook 14 price & specs | Buy Now.

Mi Notebook 14 | That has the powerful Core i5  10210U 10th Gen processor. By Namit Jain     Price = Rs 41999 This is the ultra light and thin laptop from mi. It has the powerful i5 Processor. I want to tell you that this laptop is not suitable for gaming it can handle powerful software but it lacks the powerful graphic card that's why it is not suitable for high end gaming. But it is suitable for video editing and playing medium games because it has the inbuilt intel UHD graphics 620 graphic card. This laptop has 8GB DDR4 Ram that will help you to run multiple instances at a time. The other is that it has an SSD in place of hardisk which made it light weight and also the speed of SSD in comparison to hardisk is very high. The speed of SSD is 500 mb/s while the speed of hardisk is 150 mb/s. The other main thing is SSD consumes less power than hardisk because in SSD there is no moving parts while in hardisk there are moving parts. The SSD full form is Solid State Drive. It

Live flash sale of Oneplus Nord today 7:30 PM

Oneplus Nord Flash Sale So hello friends in this post i want to tell you about the all new oneplus nord which is launched in India and its flash sale is in amazon today 7:30 PM. So i want to tell you its main specifications: It has Qualcomm snapdragon 765G. It is 5G samrtphone so you don't have to upgrade it when 5G comes in India. Amoled display. It has quad camera. It has dual front camera. It has the latest Oxygen OS. The main thing is it has AI. It is artificial intelligence that is it will learn things from you and make your experience very good. It is very good smartphone its flash sale is live so buy now it. Amazon buying link  If you have any questions then feel free to ask me in your own blog

Best promo code buy big rock advanced hosting with free .net domin for very cheap.

Big rock advanced hosting plan with .net domain for only rupees 2469 for one year. So hello friends in this article i will tell you how can you buy hosting with .net domain for only rupees 2469 by using a promo code. So you need this promo code HOSTYOURSITE30 it will reduce the price of hosting by 30%. with proof please see this image So here you have seen the proof you will just have to put he promo code and it will reduce the price. This promo code is for all types of hosting plans. Big rock is giving free .net domain for 1 year with any types of hosting you buy for 1 year.  If you have any questions then feel free to ask me in your own blog technology beat.

What is jio tv+ | what you will get with jio tv.

What is Jio tv+ and what do you will get with it? So hello friends welcome to my this new article in this article I will tell what is jio tv+ So friends I want to tell you that reliance jio has launched jio tv+ which is made for all the Indians users who want all the subscriptions in one place. So all the video streaming platforms amazon prime video, Netflix, hotstar, etc require subscription which users cannot afford so reliance has made all this affordable and cheap. With the jio tv+ subscription you will get all the subscription in one single place and very cheap. Currently we don’t know what will the price of it but it will be launched shortly. Thanks for reading if you have any questions then feel free to ask me in your own blog technology beat.

Introducing the all new Samsung galaxy s20 the ultimate smartphone. Know its specifications.

The all new Samsung Galaxy S20 So these are some pictures of this smartphone check it.  Price = Rs 70000 This image is only for amazon affiliate i do not own it. So these are some of the pictures of this smartphone now please read its specifications: So its has triple rear camera 64+12+12 MP and has front punch camera of 10MP. It has 6.2 inch AMOLED display with capacitive touch screen of 3200 × 1440 pixels resolution. It has 8 GB of ram and 128 GB of storage. That is expandable upto 1 tb. It has dual 4 G slot with memory card slot. It works on latest android 10 operating system. It has Exynos 990 octa core processor that is really very fast. It has 4000 mah non removable lithium battery. It has both the options of face unlock and finger print sensor. So friends if you want to buy this smartphone then just click on the buy now button. In my opinion it is a good smartphone but not the best. If you want to maintain your class and your style then you can go fo

What is good about the new oneplus 8 | oneplus 8 5G

OnePlus 8 5G These images are only for the look of the product from amazon. So this is the best smartphone it has many special functions that you will not get in other smartphones these are given below. It has 48MP rear camera with 4K video at 30/60 fps,  1080P video at 30/60 fps, super slow motion: 720p video at 480 fps, 1080p video at 240fps, time-lapse: 1080P 30fps, 4k 30fps, CINE aspect ratio video recording, ultrashort HDR, nightscape, micro, portrait, pro mode, panorama, cat&dog face detection&focus, AI scene detection, RAW image | 16MP front camera 16.637 centimeters (6.55-inch) 90Hz fluid display with 2400 x 1080 pixels resolution, 402 ppi pixel density Memory, Storage & SIM: 8GB RAM | 128GB internal memory | Dual SIM (nano+nano) dual-standby (5G+5G) you can get this smartphone in different varients also. It has the latest Oxygen OS based on Android v10 operating system with 2.86GHz of clock speed with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 powered by

Free web hosting websites with c panel.

Free Hosting Websites in 2020 (technology beat) So welcome guys in this article I will tell you best free hosting websites in 2020. So I will tell you all the features of all the different websites. So let's start the article. Profreehost: It is a very good website it gives you a free subdomain with hosting. It gives you unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, MYSQL database, free control panel, the website builder that can install WordPress, dolphin and all types of popular website builders, the best thing about is it gives you all free with 99.9% uptime, the next best thing is that there are no hidden ads so it is very good to choose. Many people have used this website for hosting. Infinity free: So this is the second free hosting website it also gives you free hosting with free subdomain, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL on your own domain names, up to 400 MYSQL database, you can install all types of website builders like WordPress, Drupal, etc. (te

Amazon Today's deals | low prices on smarphones accessories | home things etc. (technology beat)

Amazon today's deals. (technology beat) Nokia 2.3 (Charcoal, 2GB RAM, 32GB Storage) (amazon deals for today): This smartphone screen size is 6.2 inch. Operating system is android 10, Ram 2gb, Processor MediaTek helio a22, rear camera 13+2 mp, front camera is 5mp, with face unlock. Hero Blast 20T Single Speed Kids' Bike (Multicolour, Ideal For : 7 to 9 Years ) (Amazon today's deals.): It is a good cycle for 7 to 9 years old children. Hyper Adam AN-2004 75 Ltrs Climate Proof Mountain Rucksack Hiking Backpack Trekking Bag Camping Bag Travel Backpack Rucksack Bag with Rain Cover 75 Ltrs (Amazon today's deals.) (Camo) :  SWADESI STUFF Digital Boys' Watch (Black Dial Black Colored Strap) (Amazon today's deals.):   Recron Certified Dream Fibre Pillow - 41 cm x 61 cm, White, 2 Piece (Amazon today's deals.): Hyper Adam Multi-Purpose Gym Bag & Travel Duffel Bag with Shoe Compartment(Amazon today's deals.): eErlik Latest USB Type C, USB 3.0 and Mic

What is Malware and what are the different types of malware.

What is Malware and what are the different types of malware. So Hello friends in this article I will tell you what is malware and what are the different types of malware. So without wasting much time let's start. Malware  (technology beat) Malware is used in short form as malicious software. It is a software that can control computer functions, steal data, bypass access controls and can also cause damage to the computer. Malware is a very big term that refers a variety of malicious programs. There are different types of malware these are: Adware(a type of Malware): Adware means advertising software. It has the power to automatically deliver advertisements. Some examples of adware include pop-up ads on websites and advertisements displayed by the software. Often times software and applications offer ''free'' versions that come bundled with adware. Most adware is sponsored or authorized by advertisers and serves as a revenue generation tool. Adware does not

Important things that a tech lover should have. (technology beat)

Important things you should have if you are a tech lover. (technology beat) So if you are a tech lover and you have an interest in technology and new gadgets these things you should have.                   Lenovo Ideapad slim 3i                            Price = Rs 36490   1. Laptop: If you have an interest in gadgets the first thing is a laptop. You should have a smart-looking laptop with a stylish design. It should be light in weight and also easy to handle. It makes your personality more appealing. This is Lenovo Ideapad slim 3i it is a good and cool looking laptop that is why I recommend you to buy this you can also check other best laptops from the link given below of my article top best laptops under 30000 rupees in India.  Click on this link to check the top best laptops under 30000 rupees  check best laptops click here   So this is lenovo slim 3i its main specifications are as follows.                        Processor: 10th Gen Intel Core i3-1005G1 processor,

Top 3 best laptops under Rs 30000. (technology beat)

Top 3 laptops under 30000 rupees in India. (technology beat) Acer Aspire 3 Ryzen 3                                                            Price = Rs 29000 So this is the first best laptop under 30000 rupees it is acer aspire 3 with powerful processor ryzen 3. Its specifications are: 2GHz AMD Ryzen 3 processor it is a good processor for home and office use. Its max speed is 3.2GHz. Its operating system is Windows 10 Home with a lifetime warranty. Total Hard Drive Capacity: 1TB 5400rpm hard drive. Its can handle thousands of files. 4 GB ddr4 ram. 15.6-inch screen. It is a full-size laptop screen. Amd radeon vega 3 graphics it is capable of medium gaming and video editing. Maximum Battery rum 6.5 hours Lithium Polymer Battery. Maximum power supply 45 watt. laptop weight 2.3kg. So this is a good laptop you can buy it simply click on buy now button upper side.      2. ASUS VivoBook 14 X409UA-EK362TS         Price = Rs 30000 So this laptop name is Asu

What is Cybercrime and what are its types. (technology beat)

What is Cybercrime and what are the various types of Cybercrime. Thanks for pixbay for giving free images. Hello, friends in this article I will tell you what is cybercrime and what are the various types of cybercrime. So let's go deeply when the internet was developed people who make it do no know that it can be simply misused also for criminal activities. In today's world, many disturbing things are happening on the internet. Cybercrime refers to all the activities that are done to harm people directly or indirectly. So many people across the world are using the internet but they don't have adequate knowledge of how to use it safely. Many people have great knowledge of the internet but their intension is not good they misuse the internet and these types of people are called Hackers. Each and every day we came across new and new methods of criminal activities on the Internet. The various types of cybercrime are: Hacking: A computer programmer who uses his skills

Things you should know before using free hosting. (technology beat)

Important things to know before using free hosting. (technology beat) Thanks for format to give royalty free images special thanks to pexells.                               Hello friends welcome in this new article. In this article i will tell you that are free hosting really good. So many people who does not afford to purchase paid hosting think that they should use free hosting. But the real thing is that they are good or not. Their are many websites who provide you free hosting example infinity free, free hosting, 000 webhost and many more. But they are not careful about you and your website. It is not also 100 percent safe because they can stole your content also. Their server speed is very poor and they put some files in your server named do not delete this file in these types of files they put advertising content so they can advertise on your website and earn money. When there is traffic on your website they stop their service for example i have an blog in free hosting w

Can i get adsense approval in one month. (technology beat)

How to get adsense approval in one month. (technology beat) Hello friends welcome to this new article in this article i will tell you that can you get adsense approval in one month. So there are many bloggers who have this question in their mind that they can get adsense approval in one month or not. So i want to tell you that their are some minimum requirement to be eligible for adsense these are discussed below. You should have your own written content it should not be copyright or rewritten. Your blog should be 6 months old. You should be above 18 or 18 years old to get adsense or if you are under 18 you can use your parents details for filling for adsense. You should have pages like privacy policy, about us, contact us and disclaimer. So the main point in your article is that it should be written by you not copy paste or rewritten by an software. I want to tell the the main part of blogging is that the content you write in your blog should be unique because if the conte