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What is a Website and what are its components.

What is a website and what are the components of a website.
While you are accessing web you come across websites. But you really know what is a website and what are the components of a website. So in this blog I will tell you this. So let’s start with website.
Actually a website is a collection of related webpages containing images, videos, or other digital media located under the same domain name. The web pages are written in Hypertext Markup Language called HTML and can be accessed via the internet. The pages are linked together through hyperlinks and hypertext and share a common interface and design. A website is hosted on a web server on the World wide web. Each site is owned and managed by an individual, an company, or an organization. So if you want to know what is world wide web then click in this link to know that.  Example of a website are etc.
Now I will tell you what are the components of a website. So there are four main components of a website these are given below:
First is Domain Name It is used to share any information, every computer connected to the Internet should have a unique address. The ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has designed a system to provide a unique address to each computer in the form of numbers or characters. The character-based addressing system is known as Domain Name, where as the number based addressing system is known as an IP address.
For any website, the domain name is given to the unique name given to it which visitors use to identify and locate that site. We have to buy a domain name in order to start a website.
Second is the site files the site files have all the elements of your website which may include images, documents, templates, and HTML files.
Keeping the above said analogy in consideration, site files can be related with the paintings in the exhibition building.
The third is Web host The web host is the service that provides space on the Internet for the maintenance of the website. Like any other computer, web host or hosting servers run on different operating systems. Commonly used operating systems for hosting servers are Apache (Linux) and Windows.
Considering the above analogy, we can relate the hosting server with the exhibition building which is exhibiting your paintings.
Fourth is CMS Content Management System it aids in managing the content of a website. It helps the author in creating, designing, and modifying the content of a website. Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal are the examples of popular Content Management Systems.
CMS can be related to the exhibition organiser who helps a painter in organizing his painting exhibition. A website can be a blog there is little difference between them. If you have any questions then ask me in comment please.


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