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What is Internet and how does it work.

What is Internet.
So most of you know that with the help of internet they can play videos in YouTube search on google and chat in facebook. But do you actually know what is internet so most of you are unable to answer so in this article i will tell you what is internet and how does internet work so if we want to send an object from one place to another we want an connection through which we can send it internet is also just like it. In internet we are all connected to each other. Now the question arises how we are connected to each other what makes us to connect. So we need to understand how does internet work. There are optic fiber cables which are present deep inside the seas through which all countries are connected to each other. Then different company's provide the service to us by establishing towers through which we are all able to connect. Internet is free but the cost to establish optic fiber cables and tower and to give salary to company employees make internet expensive so they take money from us. If you are thinking that in our mobiles there is no cable of internet so why we are able to connect to the internet. The simple answer is the telecom provider set up tower and in our mobile there is sim so the tower sends signals and our sim receives them in that way we are able to connect. Now i hope you understand how does internet works.


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