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Indian government bans 59 chinese apps. Tiktok, ucbrowser and many more.

Indian government bans 59 chinese apps. This is the latest news that Indian government bans these 59 Chinese apps. Now if the question arises in your mind that why this happen. So the one reason is there was a fight between India and China and people were very angry they were boycotting Chinese products. So that's why Indian government ban china apps. There was a major apps which was used most in India these are tiktok, uc browser,clean master and many more. Indian government has tell google about this and now these apps will be completely closed in India. So that's is the main news of the day.

What is the need to activate windows. Window ko kyu activate kare.

What is the need to activate windows 10. Hello friends welcome to my this article in this article I will tell you what is the need to activate your windows. So many of you know that in earlier times there was an increasing of piracy of windows. People were selling windows in local markets and also in websites. So Microsoft decided to give windows for free on therir official website so that there piracy should be stopped. But they are not actually giving windows for free they say you to activate your windows. So what is the need to activate your windows. If you don’t activate your windows you will not get the following key features these these are you will not get the Microsoft office 365 and you need to buy this if you will buy it you have to pay to them the another is that you will not get any security updates which Microsoft gives to their users and also many other important features are dark mode change your desktop background etc. If you will activate your windows from illegal ways

Make money on Internet with zero investment. Earn form Internet.

How to make money on internet. So hello friends welcome to my this new article in this I will tell you how can you make money on internet for free so without wasting much time let’s start the article. You can make money on Internet in many ways these are you can start Blogging now in your mind if this question comes what is blogging? Credit goes to Serpstat for giving images for free.  I would like to tell you that actually what I am doing is also blogging I write articles and post them and can place ads on this blog if you visit then I will get money according to the views. I get money because of ads which I publish with my articles. You can start blogging for free from it is free and it’s interface is also simple. But you will have to be very patient it can take up to 6 months to approve for adsense (from where you will get ads and earn money) It is not necessary that you will have to work for 6 months you can get approve within 1 month also. But remember my advice if you

Do these following steps to speed up your typing speed. Type very fast with accuracy.

How to type very fast with accuracy. So hello friends welcome to my new post in this post i will tell you how to type very fast with accuracy. Many people are there who are using computer for a long time but then also they are not able to type  very fast with accuracy. Whether you do coding or data entry if you type fast then you can do your work with easy and save your time so without wasting much time let's start. You can learn typing manually or by a software so first start with manually. You can type with both hands fingers. Please note their are bumb on the keyboard keys on f and j. Keep your left hand fingers on a s d f keys and your right hand fingers on j k l ; keys. So start with middle fingers and then go to upper row and slowly slowly to numbers keys.  You can do it by using a software like typing master which help you to learn typing there are three courses you can do the three courses. Then your speed will be increased. Please learn to type fast it will help you to wri

How to start a tech youtube channel

How to start a tech youtube channel. So hello friends in this post i will tell you how can you create an tech channel in youtube and earn money so a person asked me how can i create youtube video to earn money so i will tell you now there are many other types of channels in youtube but in tech channel it is not so much easy to earn money now the question arises why this is because in these types of  channel you have to work very hard to get your desired subscribers and people who watch technology related videos are also less in number so you have to do the following steps first is made your room in which you made youtube videos more interesting paste pictures related to technology in walls of your room and use a camera in place of phone so that the clearity of your youtube youtube videos will be more appealing. Then buy a mic do not go for earphones because your earphone will make some noise in background. Use upcoming content in your YouTube videos like upcomming smartphones process

What is Internet and how does it work.

What is Internet. So most of you know that with the help of internet they can play videos in YouTube search on google and chat in facebook. But do you actually know what is internet so most of you are unable to answer so in this article i will tell you what is internet and how does internet work so if we want to send an object from one place to another we want an connection through which we can send it internet is also just like it. In internet we are all connected to each other. Now the question arises how we are connected to each other what makes us to connect. So we need to understand how does internet work. There are optic fiber cables which are present deep inside the seas through which all countries are connected to each other. Then different company's provide the service to us by establishing towers through which we are all able to connect. Internet is free but the cost to establish optic fiber cables and tower and to give salary to company employees make internet expen

Difference between http and https.

So hello friends in this article I will tell you how what is the difference between http and https you have been visiting sites and thinking what are the difference between http and https so without wasting much time let's start so let's start with HTTP HTTP HYPERTEXT TRANSFER PROTOCOL Determines how different programs exchange data over the internet the http is the standard protocol used by the world wide web. It defines how messages are formatted and transmitted and what is the web servers and browsers should take in response to various commands. Hypertext is a system in which different types of documents/ files, such as images, sound effects, and text are linked to each other. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol is responsible for accessing hypertext documents only world wide web. To visit any website, we must type its URL which has a standard format. The 'http' part of the URL signals the device that the requested file is n 'http' file. Now we would talk ab

What is a Website and what are its components.

What is a website and what are the components of a website. While you are accessing web you come across websites. But you really know what is a website and what are the components of a website. So in this blog I will tell you this. So let’s start with website. Actually a website is a collection of related webpages containing images, videos, or other digital media located under the same domain name. The web pages are written in Hypertext Markup Language called HTML and can be accessed via the internet. The pages are linked together through hyperlinks and hypertext and share a common interface and design. A website is hosted on a web server on the World wide web. Each site is owned and managed by an individual, an company, or an organization. So if you want to know what is world wide web then click in this link to know that.   Example of a website are etc. Now I will tell you what are the componen