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World Wide Web

What is World Wide Web

The WWE commonly known as the web, is a way of accesing information over the internet. It contains millions of documents called Web Pages. Each page contains text,graphics,video,audio, and links to other web pages via hyperlinks. The web uses HTTP(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) for the transfer of these documents over the internet.
Sir Tim Berners Lee, along with Robert Cailliau, invented the world wide web while working at CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research) in 1990. Today the world wide web is most significant database for human knowledge.

How does the www work?

Now you are thinking that how www work so I'll tell you this now.
When a person uses internet he uses a software known as web browser to request for a document or a webpage located anywhere on the web. The browser requests the internet host/server which contains rhe document. Thus the browser thus acts as a customer or client. After receiving the request, the internet host passes rhe information to the clients. A network protocol controls the flow in this model. The protocol used on this exchange called Hypertext Transfer  Protocol (HTTP)


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