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World Wide Web

What is World Wide Web The WWE commonly known as the web, is a way of accesing information over the internet. It contains millions of documents called Web Pages. Each page contains text,graphics,video,audio, and links to other web pages via hyperlinks. The web uses HTTP(Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) for the transfer of these documents over the internet. Sir Tim Berners Lee, along with Robert Cailliau, invented the world wide web while working at CERN (European Council for Nuclear Research) in 1990. Today the world wide web is most significant database for human knowledge. How does the www work? Now you are thinking that how www work so I'll tell you this now. When a person uses internet he uses a software known as web browser to request for a document or a webpage located anywhere on the web. The browser requests the internet host/server which contains rhe document. Thus the browser thus acts as a customer or client. After receiving the request, the internet host

New launching realme tv in india

New tv comming in india Realme tv In this article i will tell you that realme has launched a tv which is far better than we expect to a tv why i am saying to you is that it is advanced tv it has chrome boost picture engine that will give you more clearity than any other tv and powerful mediatek quad core processor it is truely android tv that has chrome cast built in so you can cast your mobile screen in one click and four 24 w speaker that has dolby audio. I am not sure what is the price of the tv but it is launching tomorrow 25 may 12:30pm you can book it now and get flat rs 500 coupon it is available on flipkart so that all the tv specs are very good and it will be very good if its price is also low.

Impact of coronavirus in India.

In this article i will tell you the impact of coronavirus in India. In India there was lockdown since 22 march and still till 3rd may. There are total 40000 conformed cases in India. The main impact is in gdp and this year our growth is very less than past years. The people who do daily work jobs are now in very bad situation. The government is putting some steps to deal with this situation. Some ngo's are now working. People are donating in PM cares fund to help the government it is our responsibility to donate. We should help each other by not going outside stay in your home and stay safe. There is also a good side of lockdown that the nature is regaining its beauty the water of river ganga is now fresh and also clean. The trees are now green and also the air is fresh and the pollution is very less. Thanks for reading.