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How to get your subscribers on youtube fast.

If you are are wondering that your youtube channel is not able to monitize than wait for a minute and think what is the problem than the problem can be the quality of your videos so if you have not a very good camera than you can use a smartphone but the main thing is content on which you are making videos and what you are you telling is right or not and do not focus on youtube subscribers please focus on your content and make a catchy title and make a good thumbnail and you can also promote your videos so as to reach more people now only work hard you will get success thanks.

How the current flows in a wire

How the current flows in a wire. We know that electric current is a flow of electrons in a metal wire (or conductor) when a cell or battery is applied across its ends. A metal wire has plenty of electrons in it. When a metal wire has not been connected to a source of electricity like a cell or a battery, then the electrons present in it move at random in all the directions between the atoms of the metal wire. When a source of electricity like a cell or a battery is connected to the ends of the metal wire, then an electric force acts on the electrons present in the wire. Since the electrons are negatively charged, they start moving from negative end to the positive end of the wire. This flow of electrons constitutes the electric current in the wire.

How to make a window 10 bootable pendrive.

You can create a window 10 bootable pendrive please follow the following steps: first go to microsoft official website and download window 10 iso file in 32 or 64 bit according to your processor. Then download rufus software from their official website and then open it.               Now select the pendrive and then select the iso file and click on start it will take up to five minutes and then it is done if you have any questions then ask me in comments thanks

How to buy products from e commerce websites in installments.

In this article i will tell you how to buy products online from e commerce websites like flipkart and amazon in installments. So you can buy products from flipkart and amazon on installments but you should have a credit card or bajaj finance emi card and your credit limit should be more than the price of that product. If you have a debit card only selected customers can buy product But Don't worry if you don't have a credit card you can use zest money app and buy products without a credit card. Thanks and if you have questions than ask me in comments.

What are the Components of a Chart

Components of a chart are: Chart area: It includes all the area and objects in a chart. Plot chart: It is the area of chart in which your chart is plotted. Gridlines: these are the horizontal and verticals lines in the plot area. Chart title: It holds the title of the chart. Data series: These are the bars, slices or other elements that represent that represent the data values. Category axis (or x axis): This is the horizontal axis of a chart. Value axis (or Y axis): This is the vertical axis of the chart. Legends: These are the colors, patterns or symbols assigned to a data series.