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Window vs mac | Is windows good than mac | Difference between windows and mac.

In todays world window is most used operating system than all other operating systems. There are 1.5 billion active users of windows but other operating systems like mac has only 100 million users but than also people prefer mac. Why this is so let's talk about. Now we will focus about the features of both to compare the two.  Microsoft (window)  was founded by Bill gates and Paul Allen in 4 April 1975. It was not free we have to pay to use it. But after some years local hackers pirate it and made it free and also made various viruses. That is the main problem with windows that we have to use antivirus to safe using windows. And also many software you will find in windows are free and some are paid but we can use it free because many people crack these software. Windows is widely used and user-friendly. But it is easily hacked by hackers that's why people use mac os. Apple (Mac) was founded by Steve Jobs in 1985. Apple laptops are very costly and also you cannot use crack software in mac os and also big businessman  use it more because it cannot be easily hacked and also give stylishness and to maintain standard. Some people often use it to show off. But it is very costly and you cannot upgrade its hardware you can upgrade window pc hardware. You have to pay for many software in mac. Now you decide what you want to use windows or mac. Please comment thanks


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